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Food all over the world at one place in Warsaw!


Do you love food? If your answer is yes, than this event is totally for you!Have you ever heard about food trucks ? They are very popular, especially in the USA.
Within the last 2-3 years they also became popular in Poland, one group called “Żarcie Na Kółkach” decided to organize an events every year where all the food lovers can enjoy food trucks from all over Poland.
The huge food truck season starts with this event. It will be held at 9 April 2016 at the parking of the PGE Narodowy (National Stadium. Event starts at 12:00 pm. Entrance is free, but you have to pay for food :P)

My top 5 food trucks:

1) Pot Spot food truck
If you are hungry go ahead and try the dishes from Pot Spot food truck! They specialize in “one-pot dishes”. It is hard to say what kind of the cuisine do they serve but I am sure that you’re gonna like it. I tried many of their dishes and I was never disappointed. The cost of the one portion is about 12-22 zł.
They give samples so you may always try before you buy :)

2) Shakewave Truck
Very delicious milk shakes and shakes! I once tried “krówkowe love” and it was totally crazy (krówka is a traditional polish sweet from caramel, very similar to British fudge)
Nutella, Rafaello, Oreo, ice cream, etc. you may choose from many different options :)
There are also healthy shakes from fruits, enjoy!
3) Fragola – owoce w czekoladzie
Simply, fruits in chocolate, who doesn’t love them? :D Very tasty and healthy

Przystanek SUSHI
The only one food truck in Poland with sushi! And it’s really good :)

5) Beef’N’Roll
In my opinion,really good burgers :) always huge queues there!
List of all food trucks
Bacon Smack – food truck
Beat Burger
Classic Burger
Gold Digger Food Truck
Jack’s Truck

American Food truck
B.B. Kings
Bart Burger Food Truck
Bobby Burger
Buła i Spóła
Burger na kółkach
Kill Grill Burger & Sandwich Bar
Mister Teddy (you may know them from the KU :) )
Papuvege (vege burgers)

AkitaRamen (ramen)
Banda Kotleta (sandwitches with meat)
Easy Rider (mexican food)
Eat on the Street  (kinda everything :D)
Fabryka Frytek (french fries)
Flammaster (pizza?)
Francuska Robota (I have no idea :D)
Jadło na kółkach (newest generation hot-dogs)
La Chica Sandwicheria (grilled sandwiches)
LosPlackos Truck & House (flat-cakes?)
Los Santos Bar (tapas bar & grill)
Momo-Smak Kuchnia Tybetańska (tibetan cuisine)
My Little Thailand- food truck (thai cuisine)
Naleśniki z Bryki (pancakes)
Panczo (mexican food)
Patat & More (french fries,potatoes)
Pizza Truck (pizza :D)
POT SPOT Foodtruck (one-pot dishes)
Przystanek SUSHI (sushi)
Smoke BBQ Food Truck (bbq,grill)
Souvlak City & Truck (greek food)
Street Menu (I don’t know but sounds good)
TACO LIBRE (mexican food)
UNICO Food Truck (sandwiches,hot-dogs)
West Coast Toast (toasts)
Wheel Meal
Wing Spot Food Truck
Wypas Po Pas
Zapiekanka Snack Bus

Fragola – Owoce w Czekoladzie (fruits in chocolate)
Pan Baton (newest generation bars)
Waffiezz (stroopwafels)
Funky Donkey Cafe (coffee)
Na Rowerze Cafe (coffee)
ParkCafe (coffee)
TIP TOP Café (coffee)
Jednorożec Lody tradycyjne (ice cream)
Shakewave Truck (shakes)
Fresh Bike (lemonade)
Sokowirówka (fresh juice)

Together it is about 59 food trucks!
Food truck owners can still sign in to the event, so probably there will be even more food trucks at the event :)

Some pictures from the last year -> lalala
more info here.
I hope that you will enjoy that event :)
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  1. Great article Agata, will definitely have a food trucks tour in April :) Hope you can make me discover more events like that!

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