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Student Profile – Éloïse Lévêque


My name is Eloise – but everyone calls me Elo. It’s much easier right ? I am French, and I originate from the region of Lyon in France (great city to visit if you ever go to France! )

I like many things : going out to restaurants and nice places, walking around cities, cooking, chilling in parks, reading, going to the cinema, etc.

I came to Kozminski thanks to the ERASMUS program. I chose to come here because I wanted to discover the country, and take advantage of its great locations to explore some of the neighboring countries. So far, I went to Prague and Budapest with two friends, but I am looking forward to the next ones!

What I like here is that it is never impossible to be bored. You will always find something to do and someone to do it with you. Polish food is great, and Warsaw offers plenty of other types of cuisines, which, for a food lover like me, is great! (See a few posts from reviewers from the blog here and here and here).  I had the opportunity to make many friends from many countries. ESN Kozminski does a great job at bringing people together, with the events but also with the buddy program!

A funny thing here, is that whenever you get lost in the city, just look up or ask for the Palace of Culture and you’ll find your way !

Send me a mail at eloise.leveque@gmail.com if you want to know more !

ERASMUS in Warsaw



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  1. Cool post Elo!

  2. I totally agree with Daria! Good job Elo:)

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