Warsaw 24 nov 2014

Electrifying buses in Warsaw


Warsaw is thinking about its future and sustainable development and after the first part of the renewal of the buses fleet, the city launched electric buses few months ago. It is a milestone for the development of the Polish capital. Contracts are now signed with BYD, a Chinese automaker for 10 electric buses and this amount will increase to 35 in January, and to 200 by 2025.

On the line 222, 4 electric buses, 12 meters long are taking passengers from Bielanska to Spartanska by Nowy Swiat.


Morning at Uniwersytet Stop – Bus 222

The buses are more quiet and there are no gas emissions.  Fully charged, they can drive up to 250 km in heavy city traffic. The battery (made from Iron-Phosphate: a safe and non-polluting material that can be recycled or safely disposed of) can be charge in 5 hours. The approximate costs for 250km in electricity is 150 zloty; and 500 zloty for the equivalent distance in gas. So about 350-400 zloty is saved by each bus electric per day.

They are well equipped like all of the other buses, including air-conditioning, to be as comfortable as possible.

I tried it, not the full 250 km – but I did spend 3-4 hours in it.

However, you don’t know what the next stop is (there is no announcement written or spoken). Inside, the stairs are quite high and inconvenient for old people. The bus is quite small so it is hard to fit in it when it is crowded, especially on popular bus stops like Foksal.

As we all know, public transports are not always on time in Warsaw, but the electric bus I took was once extremely late – more than 15 minutes.

So let’s hope that the implementation of sustainable development actions will solve this problem, and hopefully, not make it worst.

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