Kozminski Insider 27 mar 2015

Easter Celebrations


On Wednesday (25th of March) Kozminski International Business School & ESN Kozminski invited all students to celebrate Easter.

Have you ever been wondering why is our University so special? Here is the answer! Except high quality of education, there are provided some events which bring all students together.  Do you know what is astonishing about it? The fact that EVERY SINGLE time the Atrium (in building D) turns into a magic place where students from all over the world can spend some time together by sharing stories and having fun. No matter what language you speak, where you come from or how old you are. We are in this together!

The same thing happend this time. During the long break,  Kozminski University International Student Office in cooperation with ESN Kozminski created a wonderful event. Our students could not only get to know our tradition but also entertain a little bit :) There was a chance to show our artistic skills in decorating eggs and creating Easter cards. Moreover, there was an opportunity to show how fast and attentive you are by running with eggs on the spoon. The winners won SWEET prizes! Believe me,it was worth putting an effort into each competition. After the entertaining part of the event, everybody was invited to try typical polish cakes that are being prepared especially to celebrate Easter.

It was a magnificant time!

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Thank you all for being there! I hope we will meet each other again soon:)

5 Responses to “Easter Celebrations”

  1. I can find myself there ^^
    Honestly speaking, I enjoyed the event and had fun :)

  2. I think is great that our university organizes such an amazing events! Nice summary Ala :)

  3. Polina, your egg looked amazing! You’re an artist :D

  4. Thank you Daria, I appreciate that you like my post ;)

  5. Thanks for organizing the event, it was fun like always!

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