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Dim Sum House


Last week I discover a new super small restaurant named Dim Sum House. It is situated at the corner of Chmielna and Nowy Swiat.

I was thinking that I didn’t have Chinese dumplings in a long time, so why not!
I ordered by phone, with my minimal Polish, the person helped me by answering in English. (First good point!)
I took 2 kinds of dumplings, one veggie and one with chicken, just to try.
So I entered the place (4 tables to eat), I was standing and waiting for my food. Then, what a surprise! The chief was not Polish! Clearly he was from an Asian Country! He was even talking to his co-workers in English too.  (Second good point!)

For me this is the proof of higher quality. I still have troubles accepting Kebab or Chinese food from a Polish cook. Not that their food will be bad, but the authenticity of the meal is preserved only if the cook has the history and culture of the food’s nationality.

Coming back to my food: I didn’t wait long, it was almost ready. Back home, I unpacked: the portion was not that big (8 dumplings – It is written on their menu). I had 16 in total: I ate everything. They were good but, in my opinion, they lacked of salt.

Dim Sum House Menu

Dim Sum House Menu

You can find them on :


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  1. Thanks for sharing :) I will definitely try Dim Sum House this weekend.

  2. Gonna try it some time!!! :) And I totally agree with your aspects of the importance of authenticity ;)

  3. So, what did you think about it?
    They have a new red salad that I want to try! :)

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