Warsaw 20 aug 2015

Date in Warsaw


It’s summertime – let’s fall in LOVE!

Warm, pleasant evenings with a light breeze in your hair, doesn’t it sound perfect? The only thing you need is a prefect company.
‘Would you like to go on a date with me?’ – This is a question every girl wants to hear!
From the romantic point of view, it would be nice to have a long walk through the beach, followed by candle-lit dinner. However, we are in Warsaw so let’s change it a little bit…

What I suggest you is to make that night magic and unforgettable. There are two ways to make it special – you can either go  for a dinner and then for a walk or just meet a little bit later and first go for a drink and then enjoy the party. It’s up to you!

First eat, then go!
Book a table in an established restaurant. Make it look more exclusive an  visit Hilton Hotel & Convention Centre, sounds impressive? To state it precisely, I suggest you to go to the Piazza restaurant which is located on the terrace next to the main entrance of the Hilton Hotel. I wouldn’t have suggested you this place if there was no special offer there so here it is: HAPPY HOURS!
(from 5:30 pm till 8 pm)
Wednesday: BUY 2 BEERS PAY FOR 1



Hilton Hotel in Warsaw


Piazza Bar and Grill

It would be nice then to take a walk – you can create the route on your own!
However, as long as the girl has no high heels, you can walk through the Old Town and watch the show in the Multimedia Fountain Park (each Friday and Saturday from 9:30 pm).

Don’t think, go for a drink!
There is a special place to go called MIŁOŚĆ (which in english means : LOVE). I guess I don’t have to explain you why it would be a perfect choice.
You can both order a drink, something to eat and stay for the party. There is also a chill zone  – Patio where you can sit outside. It is surrounded by the buildings and it looks breathtaking!When you look up, you can see a big shining ‘M’ letter  that symbolizes magic & love. If you have never been there before, it’s high time!

From the inside

Remember: It doesn’t matter if your date is in Costa Coffee, KFC or in the exclusive restaurant. The ONLY thing that matters is that you are spending time together.
Feel the magic in the air this summer!

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