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CV – tips not only for beginners


I love taking part in conferences, workshops and meetings with special guests from business world. It is a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge, understand how theory works in practice and share experiences. Very often that kind of events also inspire me, guide me and motivate me to study harder and aim higher :)

Last week I was in two great conferences: first one is Digital Marketing Conference at Kozminski University (AWESOME!!! Who wasn’t there, should def regret it!!!) and Think Ahead: Future CFO Powered by ACCA. At the second one I had opportunity to have workskops connected with training my soft skills but there were also great presentations about work in finance sector and useful tips for young people like us who are willing to start their professional career in a counscious way.

The workshop that suprised me in a very positive way was the one conducted by Antal HR specialists about writing CV. Why it surprised me so much? Because I finally found their tips USEFUL and not only for beginners! Let’s be honest: writing your CV for a first time can be stressful but with so many examples on the Internet you can do it very well with a little help from uncle Google ;) The problem appears later… when you were upgrading your CV several times, you get more and more qualifications and listened to many recruiter’s opinions (that often don’t correlate with each other) and it all becomes more complicated. You start wondering how your CV looks like among other ones in HR office and you have no idea if your document is exposing too much excess information or actually you should develop your job description.


Have you ever had that kind of insecurities?

If your answer is YES then you definetely need to read my tips and personal conclusions from the meeting with an experienced HR specialist.



But it doesn’t have to if you have the same job for 10 years and you don’t upgrade your qualifications ;) But let’s be realistic: every new job position needs a date, name and description of your duties. It takes space. FORGET ABOUT 1 PAGE CV FOREVER. Just forget it. You feel like you are showing off with too many details? Your CV is definetely a place to SHOW OFF ;)


If your dream job is in business world then Excel is your best friend :) Special courses can surely help you with communication with your non–talking partner. Your future boss will surely appreciate it.

Other programs like SAP, Oracle etc also fit this criteria.


It is more important than you think… Your CV in electronic form will go through many programs, files and recruiters and they are not able to do it without this clause!!! So if you want this job, you’ll better place this statement in your CV. Otherwise they will send you back your CV asking you for putting a clause, or simply forget about you and keen on other candidates.


Have you ever got confused with job titles in business world? With specific expectations or strange job description that could as well be in Chinese as you would not understand these buzzwords at all? Well, so do recruiters: they don’t always have many details about a perfect candidate or  do not always understand requirements, especially for higher positions. This is why it’s important to use KEY WORDS in your job description: company’s industry, your duties, programs and tools used.


You got it in your CV, right? Because it sounds cool? It surely shows your openess and flexibility. But are you ready to talk about it with your recruiter? Everybody love beerpong and party stories but mentioning it during the interview is not the best idea ever… Apparently more and more popular trend is to use your Erasmus not only to practice your language and make contacts but also to take part in international projects, conferences or do something meaningful for your career.


It’s not only important when it comes to meeting a new person. Unfortunately it’s working with everything… So: TAKE CARE of esthetics of your CV – treat it as your personal business card. Also important tip is to use classic fonts and check if your document is not too big. It sounds very simply but in practice it’s essential: recruiter has to be able to open and save your file on his computer.

Scene with business cards from American Psycho.


Other words: it’s your time to completely show off! Conferences, foreign languages, additional courses, student’s associations (with job description!!!), won contests, special projects, exchange programs, internships – write as much as you want, do not hesitate but keep it real – lying in CV is never good!


I hope you find my tips useful :) Let me know if you liked this article! Are you willing to read more articles like this? Let me know in comments!

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