Poland 24 dec 2015

Christmas in Poland


It’s Christmas time, mistletoe and wine… Merry X-mas everyone. French and Ukrainian traditions were already published, and today on Christmas Eve, I would like to talk you into Polish Christmas. What do we do, and how do we celebrate this moment of sharing?



As you probably already guessed, most of the Christmas Polish Traditions have their roots in religion. It is mostly about symbols, second meanings and repeating certain things one generation after another. It is fun, and is done by almost every family, despite religion or its size. So let’s get into it.

24.12 – Christmas Eve


In Poland that is the day that matters most. We gather in our family houses, with family and relatives and then have a traditional vegetarian supper. It is a symbol of ending fast. We have a dinner/supper that is abundant, but yet contains no meat. Tradition tells us, that there should be 12 different dishes during that evening. It is a symbol of 12  apostles. Just before the dinner we share a holy-wafer. It is a symbol of sharing the Christ body, we then also give each other personalized Christmas wishes. Thing that is similar to almost every Christmas eve is borscht with dumplings. It is a very extractive beet soup with mushrooms and spices. Despite that we usually have carp as a main dish. This fish is tastiest in December, that is why it is extremely popular.


Presents. There are one of the most important things on this day. Tradition says, that they should be opened just when the first star is visible, but different houses differs with approach to that tradition. Christmas carols and Christmas mass are also often a part of this day. In UK and US Christmas are mostly about Christmas songs, which are not as popular in Poland. On that very day it is mostly about silent singing, often together with your family.


25.12-26.12 Christmas itself.


Despite even more masses in the churches, we celebrate this time of the year as any other country. Gather around on a Christmas dinner, have some mullet wine or eggnog and just enjoy ourselves. Christmas liquors in Poland are mostly self-produced ones. Tinctures are very popular. They are made of fruits or herbs and are enjoyed often at this time of year.


Note to everybody spending Christmas in Poland. 25th and 26th are days that are free, so almost every store is closed. Only gas station may be open on this day, so be aware of that.


On behalf of your staff, editors and bloggers, I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Years Eve. Enjoy and have fun in this magical time :)

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