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Ceramic workshop


How to’s develop yourself.

Do you want to try something new and gain some experience? This article is especially for you!  We all desire to enrich our life on some fresh ideas and that is why me and my friend decided to sign up for ceramic workshops.
There were two sessions (27th of March & 17th of April) – 4 hours of each one and the event took part in Alchemicus . It is a magnificant place in Warsaw where you can make your artistic vision come true! Alchemicus is located on Dobra 14/16.
What were all the students doing there? In fact we had to use our imagination and create something special. It’s not that hard, believe me. To be honest with you all, I have no manual skills and I was never into art but I don’t regret attending that course. You don’t have to be professional. It’s all about having fun, thinking in a creative way and isolating from the whole world for a while. This makes you de-stressed so that you can forget about your problems! This is especially significat for you as the students who are often snowed under with work and need some relax.

Here are some advantages of ceramic workshop:

  • It makes you think logically.
  • You can relax and de-stress
  • All your problems are gone
  • It teaches you concentration
  • You develop your manual skills
  • It makes you happier
  • Your cerebral hemispheres start to cooperate.
  • However, the most significant advantage is that is
    makes you feel like an atrist when you see the progress
    while working on that!

Now I will tell you a short summary about how is really looked like.  It started when me and my friend Daria signed up for this project at the  Kozminski International Business School Office.
At the first day of workshop all the participants got to know our amazing teacher – Patrycja Karolak – who told us what to do step by step. This talented lady  is extremely nice and we could aske her about every single thing. This is Patrycja – at the photo below:

IMG_0174She explained us how to form something from the clay:

There was also Maja who helped us with “technical” problems when working:


Everyone was listening carefully:

Although it needed patience and contentration…

….everyone had a big smile on the face.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here is my  friend Daria focused on her work:

This is how it looked like after first class:


During the second one we were painting and glazing our work of art:


This is me trying to be an artist…

…and my result like before/after:

Now we are looking forward to see our final results!

The ceramic workshop was definitely not a waste of time. We all had much fun!
Did I convince you to go there?

5 Responses to “Ceramic workshop”

  1. Ceramic workshop was a great experience! I enjoyed it and recommend it to all of you. btw I love my new casket :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback Daria!
    I am also very satisfied with my beautiful plate :)

  3. Very convinced now :D

  4. Happy to hear that, Elo :)

  5. Would love to attend this workshop the next time it’s organized :)

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