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5 must visit cafes in Warsaw


In this post I would like to tell you about Warsaw’s top 5 cafes with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere where you can go with your friends or family to drink a delicious cup of coffee or hot chocolate with cheesecake!

5) One of my favorites is Costa Coffee which is situated in the Old Town. Sometimes you can stay in a queue for 10-15 minutes and during weekends it is hard to find a place to sit. Nevertheless, Costa is one of the world’s leaders in the coffee industry. Especially, there I feel like at home due to the ancient and historical place in Warsaw.

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4) The next and not only on my list, but also in the next building from the Costa Coffee is Green Coffee Nero. The two-floor coffee house invites you from the very first sight. Comfortable sofas and armchairs. Every time I feel stressed I go there and this charming place makes me happy. You can go there either with your best friend or on your own. Furthermore, you will never get bored with the number of books which you can find on the first or second floor. Go and try!



3) Third place in my list is the confectionery café called Karmello which is located on Ul. Chmielna 11. The best hot chocolate in Warsaw with different unusual flavors and of course, delicious chocolates and candies any shape, taste and color. Apart from this, you can find a lot of table games like scrabble or monopoly and will never get bored.



2) Almost the best for me and it is not surprising place – Starbucks. Mine favorite one is located in Nowy Świat 62 . The worldwide known coffee leader with a piece of Polish culture. A good place not only to spend some time with the closest people but also to buy unique souvenirs which are connected exactly to this city. Perfect quality service, nice attributes and beautiful decorations will not leave you disappointed with this cafeteria.starbucks_w_polsce_480

1) And now.. my top chart position is occupied by the Croque Madame! You can find it on Nowy Świat 41. From the outside you will never say that this cafe has something unique in it but from the moment I came entered I fell in love.. This is not a joke! Every piece of its interior is charming, every cake you can see on the showcase looks like artwork. In my opinion, this is the place where I can come with my best friend or mom and still feel like at home.



Hopefully, you will find something for you and try at least one of them! Leave your comments under this post and tell which café in Warsaw you like most of all!

Photos: Anna Glazunova

5 Responses to “5 must visit cafes in Warsaw”

  1. I also love the Starbucks on Nowy Swiat. Whenever I’m home sick (for Canada) I go there! There’s so many international tourists and people! Everyone is speaking English so I feel like I’m almost back in Canada. :)

  2. I have never been in the Croque Madame and you convinced me to go there :) I love such charming places!

  3. One nice coffee shop is Kruzca, located on the exact street, right in front of the Mercure. It is cosy and warm with a lot of wooden furnitures and sofas. They have a selection of quiches, pastries and the cappuccino comes with a leave on the foam if you ever want to try :)

  4. I would also recommend you to visit Mount Blanc – it’s a place specialized in chocolate but you can also drink there delicious coffee and eat ice creams. It is an elegant and peaceful place located on Chmielna 1/3 :)

  5. Haha Ala :)) Yeah Mount Blanc is the best I agree!

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