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Buddy Program


Become an ambassador of your life!

As you are a student of Kozminski Univeristy, you probably got used to being told to cherish your academic life. That is why you should meet people from many various backgrounds.

Have you been dreaming of travelling all around the world, having friends from many different countries or overcoming language barriers? You can have it ALL without even leaving Poland! ESN Kozminski offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity that you cannot reject!


* What is the project about?
The Buddy Program (previously Mentor) is a project of the Erasmus Student Network, specifically Kozminski ESN, an organization that helps people arriving from all over Europe and the world for exchange to Poland while facing their “first steps” on our land.

*How does it work?
Each foreign student is assigned a tutor called a “Buddy”, who helps the Erasmus student to find himself/herself in their new reality – from airport pickup, assistance in finding housing, by getting to know the city and new people, and ending-take it to the event , among other things, organized by ESN Kozminski.

*Why is it so significant?
In the eyes of foreigners, who first meet Polish culture, their Buddy is a kind of ambassador to Poland. This is a fantastic way for the formation of international friendships, getting to know new cultures, learn the language and spend some wonderful time.

GOOD TO REMEMBER: Being a Buddy is not only fun by meeting new people, learning the language and pleasant spending of time. It is above all a big responsibility!  


This is one of our guided tour through Warsaw!


We also went ice-skating

unnamed (5)

Together we participate inthe events at the Uni


Then there is a time to PARTY!


…so this is how we do ‘after hours’ :)

Here is the list of your duties as a Buddy: 
-> Email contact with your Buddy as soon as you get this information from Buddy Program Coordinator
-> Giving answers to all your Buddies questions (usually about coming to Warsaw and life in here)
-> Picking up your Buddy from the airport
-> Help with looking for the flat/accomodation, contact with the owner, checking all the documents connected with renting
-> Help with solving everyday life problems f.ex. with bank account, sim card
-> Showing around the city, spending time together (not compulsory, but always appreciated)
-> Participation in events organized by ESN Kozminski


How to contact us?
1) Contact our Buddy Program Coodrinator
Facebook: Ola Zuzia Ryniewicz
Email: buddyprogram.kozminski@gmail.com
Phone: +48503071967
2) Visit our Facbook fanpage
ESN Kozminski
3) Join the ‘Buddy’ group by adding yourself
Buddy Program

For those of you who are still hesitating:

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”
– Dr Seuss

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  1. Every time I joined the program, it was a great experience and a cool way to discover new people from all over the world! Thanks for that :)

  2. Yes indeed! Hoping to meet a good number of people this fall as well :)

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