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German/Polish KU student. I lived most of my life in Berlin but I always had a special connection to Poland!!! I love a lot of things, especially food ;) If you wanna find out more about my interests, check out my blog posts - coming soon!!!

Student Profile 05 Jul 2015

Petra – Student Profile

Hello Everyone!!! This post is meant to be an introduction of who I am and why I am at Kozminski :-) I hope you  enjoy reading it.  Wanted Poster Nationality: German Former Universities: Humboldt University to Berlin and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Current Studies: Finance and Accounting (MSc.) Interests: Fashion, culture and languages, sports, food, […]

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Careers 03 Jul 2015

(Summer) Internships

Hello career people! (or students looking to start their career) 

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Guest blogging 19 May 2015

Meine ‚Fav-Cafes‘

How to’s: Meine ‚Fav-Cafes‘

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How to's 18 May 2015

Trip to Paris

A few months ago one of my best friends moved to Paris…

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Guest blogging 11 May 2015

Hallo Welt!

Hallo Welt!

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Careers, Kozminski Insider 17 Apr 2015

Accenture Breakfast

As promised, the ACCENTURE BREAKFAST post follows ;)

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Guest blogging 14 Apr 2015

How to’s: Drinks – Kita Koguta

Kita Koguta ist eine tolle zweistöckige Bar, die sich zentrumsnah befindet.

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Careers 09 Apr 2015


Once again our KU career center did an amazing job and organized a special event:                  Accenture WEEK :) But who are they and what was this week about?

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Guest blogging 25 Mar 2015

How to’s: Gut ESSEN

Genießt du gerne die täglichen Mahlzeiten, aber hast keine Lust zu kochen???

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