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Poland 06 Dec 2015

St. Nicholas Day – Even more presents in December

In Poland, Christmas is not only part of the year, in which people tend to give presents.

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Poland 27 Nov 2015

Eve of St. Andrews Day – Polish Halloween

As conservative, as Poland is or seem to be, there is one day in the year on which fortune telling, witches, “magical” rituals and socializing takes over the country. By many considered a Polish response to Halloween, but really this holiday has very deep roots in Poland’s history. But how do we celebrate it? What […]

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Poland 16 Nov 2015

Je Suis Paris

France, 13th of November 2015. A Dark date in modern world history. Before any reports, or further information on behalf of all bloggers, editors and everybody connected somehow to the Koźmiński New Media Club, I would like to express our condolences, compassion and feelings of deep sadness. Our prayers and thoughts are with Paris now. […]

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Warsaw 07 Nov 2015

Independence Day. Imperial MARCH, but why?!

In the USA on the 4th of July. In Australia on 26th of January. In France on 14th of July. In US: BBQ, beer, fireworks and family celebration. In Australia:  barbeque, hologram visuals, and fireworks. In France: Paris Street festival, an army parade and obviously… Fireworks. However, how is it celebrated in Poland and Warsaw? […]

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Warsaw 27 Oct 2015

Halloween – Treat and don’t get tricked

Autumn. Time for leaves to fall, pumpkins to be a part of everything

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