Guest blogging 24 mar 2016

American Easter


Easter, brings back a lot of find memories for me as a kid in America. For me it was always an explosion of color, it was after all finally an end of winter. It always seemed like it was hit or miss for Easter though, it was either really nice outside or cold, sometimes it was even snowing still. I grew up in Ohio, it pretty much has identical weather to Poland, so y’all know what I am talking about.

Easter was also the time for my favorite seasonal candies, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, Cadbury eggs (my favorite), and peeps which I still think are gross. Here is a commercial for candies from when I was a little kid.

We also had some other traditions like easter egg hunts, we would go searching for plastic eggs outside and they would be filled with candy, coins, stickers, and if you were really lucky paper money. One year after being utterly defeated at an Easter egg hunt in a park I vowed to never miss out on the eggs again, after that I turned into quite the egg hunter hahah.

We would also color our eggs, in Poland coloring eggs is much more detailed and way prettier. I was never much of an egg artist to be totally honest.

There were also the typical specials on TV that they had every year. I included two of them below that I remember.


Other than that I grew up in a Polish American family so we blessed baskets on Saturday at church and then had lunch from the basket later on. Easter was always full of good memories for me and one day I hope to give some great memories to my kids.

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