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Ambassador Student profile – Lucie


Hi everyone! My name is Lucie, I am a French student currently living and studying in Warsaw.

I come from Strasbourg, a town in North-Eastern France which is very close to the German border. I was born and raised there, and at age 17, after graduating my baccalaureat from an international high school, I moved to Bordeaux – famous for its wine – and joined KEDGE Business School in order to pursue my education.

I stayed there for three semesters and then moved to our beloved Warsaw for one semester to begin an academic exchange with Kozminski University.


Leo and I at Kozminalia 2014 (still had long hair at that time)

Leo and I at Kozminalia 2014 (still had long hair at that time)


In October 2014, I moved to Dubai for a one-year internship in the Hospitality industry where I worked in 4 different hotels.

This year abroad taught me a lot about expatriation and its inherent difficulties, but in time, I also learnt to overcome them and be the architect of my own success.

In addition to gaining professional experience in a multicultural environment, this opportunity enabled me to experience wonderful moments with amazing people.

Of course, I experimented with the craziness of Dubai and Abu Dhabi during my stay in the UAE: skiing on artificial slopes in a mall, running extreme races in the Emirati desert, bungee jumping from a crane, going to the top of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, having breakfast in the 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab, and riding the world’s fastest rollercoaster at Ferrari World… You definitely need to experience one of these at least once if you travel there!

I was also performing as a flyer in a cheerleading squad (Cheer Dubai ♥) and thanks to my team, I now know what it really means to push myself to the limit.


My friends and I skiing during summer at Mall of the Emirates

My friends and I skiing during summer at Mall of the Emirates

After running 5km in the desert during Spartan Race Arabia

After running 5km in the desert during Spartan Race Arabia

During the ARMANI Gala 2015

During the ARMANI Gala 2015

Our team during one of our performance for the Emirates American Football League


After this enriching year, it was time for me to go back to Poland and finish my studies.

I am now back at Kozminski and will hopefully graduate with my Bachelor in International Management in June!

I am very proud to be part of Kozminski and what it represents. What I appreciate the most about being a student here are the atmosphere and the way classes are organized by professors. For example, I find it very convenient not to have only conventional lectures for every class, but discusssion seminars and workshops as well. Delivering presentations and reports as final assessments instead of writing exams for every subject is also something I appreciate. At last, I really enjoy the fact that KU provides me the appropriate tools to develop my full potential and succeed in life, both professionally and as a person.

Besides being a Bachelor’s student, I am also a Kozminski Ambassador, and recently became a member of KU’s New Media Club as a blogger  and video channel member. I will also participate to the Instagram and Snapchat accounts very soon ☺ I am truly looking forward to meeting new people throughout these opportunities and experiencing new things this year!


Some other stuff about me?

I love spending time with my family and friends, and discovering foreign countries, cultures, and new lifestyles. I also love listening to music, eating sushi, cooking and baking, and editing videos. I am also a big fan of extreme sports (extreme races, motorbike, bungee jumping), and cinema, especially Quentin Tarantino’s movies.

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My friends say that I’m a goal-driven, dynamic and an open-minded person. My favorite inspirational quote? “Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself”.

I think that’s pretty much it☺Feel free to contact me at 29582@kozminski.edu.pl if you want to know more about my international background or ask any other questions!



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  1. You are fabulous !! I miss you, hope to see you again ;)

  2. Oh my god, I almost didn’t recognise you with long hair!
    Nice, great introduction :)
    Good luck!

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