Warsaw 27 aug 2015

A different point of view


Take a close look at Warsaw from the other perspective.
What I mean is taking a glance at our beautiful town when being on the top floors of skyscrapers. You can notice the things that you have never seen before! I promise – you won’t forget it!
I would like to recommend you two places where you can feel like your in Wonderland. Once you visit them, you would be dreaming of coming back. Both of them are located on the roof of  a skyscraper. Of course, I am talking about Level 27 and The View. They provide you with a breathtaking landscape.


It’s high time I introduced you closer to Level 27.

This place is located at Aleje Jerozolimskie 123a and opened not only at the weekend but also on the weekdays. That is awesome because from Friday till Saturday you can go there for a party and on the other days you can just go with friends and chill a little bit after a busy day. Level 27 offers you tasty drinks that you should definitely try! It’s summertime right now so don’t forget that the higher you are, the colder it is! Doesn’t it sound perfect since the evenings became hot and stifling?
What is surprising there is the fact that it is going to be opened for the whole year which means that you don’t have to forget about it when the summer flies by.
The entrance during the weekdays is for free but at the weekends it costs USUALLY 20 zl (about 5 euro).
Now it’s time for the photos which I found on their official Facebook fanpage -> LEVEL 27 !

Level 27 at night

Take a look on the inside

Let’s party!

How about chillin’ in the afternoon?

What would you say for a coffee while lying on the deckchair?

Now let’s see The View !

This place is located at Twarda 18, on the roof of the Tower building. It is opened from Thursday till Saturday. You can go there both for a party at night and for a drink or coffee in the afternoon/evening. It’s all up to you and your mood!
The View organizes ‘Sunday Brunch’ which is special due to the fact that you can feel like on the Upper East Side thanks to the atmosphere, the ladscape and, of course, the food served by the staff. If you want to take part in such event, keep up to date with the official Facebook fanpage -> The View !
Here are some photos you can see on their page:

The View at night

The magical landscape

Let’s party!

When you come here on the other time of a day

How about sitting here?

‘Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.’
– Paul Brandt

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  1. @Alicja: I wasn’t aware of most of these places until I read your blog post! :) Thanks for these :)

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