Guest blogging, Warsaw 15 dec 2015

3 things you associate Warsaw with


Just a few words about Warsaw

I asked 100 random people I met on the street one very easy question:

“What are the three words you associate Warsaw with?” 

Every person had no more than 30 seconds to answer. It was really fascinating to see how people reacted to this simple yet not very usual question. Some of them felt quite insecure, whereas others seemed to have been prepared. However, I did get lots and lots of interesting answers like “Sex. Drugs. Rock’n’roll” or “Liberty. Equality. Fraternity”. Interestingly enough, two(!) people mentioned teapot as their association wth Warsaw. (Really? I mean.. Ok, why not)

Anyway, here are the top ten words, which were by far the most popular:

1. love

2. Palac Kultury i Nauki (Palace of Science and Culture)


Karol Kaczorek


3. City


Elbi Adajew


Elbi Adajew


Anna Glazunova

4. Syrena (mermaid)

5. pierogy (filled dumplings)


Anna Glazunova

6. Visla (Vistula river)

7.  żurek (Polish national sour rye soup)

8. churches

9. party

10.  Poland


I do believe that Warsaw is more that just 3, 10 or 1000 words. It is a small world with it’s own atmosphere, special places and unique history.

Anyway, what do you think about that? And what are your 3 words that you associate with Warsaw? :)

Pictures provided by Anna Glazunova and Elbi Adajew and Karol Kaczorek.

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