Warsaw 21 may 2018

21st May – 27th May Concerts in Warsaw


21st May (Monday)

What?             Rock, Alternative and Indie

Who?               We are Scientists, it is their first time in Poland, coming from US

When?             Start time: 20:00

Where?            Hydrozagadka

How much?     65 PLN


What?             Punk, Pop, Noise, Noise, Emo, Post Punk

Who?               Pigeon (Germany) + daysdaysdays + TBA

When?             Start time: 20:00

Where?            CH25, ul. Chłodna 25

How much?     20 PLN



22nd May (Tuesday)

What?             Dżemor Jam Session

Who?               Kaja Kaźmierczyk – voc.

Sarhan Artur Kubeisi – git

Paweł Jędrzejewski – keyb

Darek Zarzycki – sax

Maciej Łukasiewicz – bass

Maciej Caputa – dr

+ the stage is open, you can also participate with your band or solo.

When?             Start time: 21:00

Where?            ul. Wilcza 46, Warszawa

How much?     Free


What?             Rap, Hip-Hop

Who?               PRO8L3M

When?             Start time: 20:00

Where?            Progresja

How much?     50 PLN



23rd May (Wednesday)

What?             Russian rock

Who?               DDT

When?             Start time: 20:00

Where?            ul. Fort Wola 22, Warszawa

How much?     119-150 PLN



24th May (Thursday)

What?             Folk, musical poet

Who?               Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers

When?             Start time: 19:00

Where?            Hydrozagadka

How much?     55-65 PLN


What?             Electronic

Who?               GusGus (Iceland) + aYia (Iceland)

When?             Start time: 19:00

Where?            Progresja

How much?     120 PLN

What?              Hip-Hop, Jazz, Spiritual Jazz

Who?               Kamasi Washington (USA)

When?             Start time: 19:00

Where?            Stodoła

How much?     130-180 PLN




25th May (Friday)


What?             Juwenalia UKSW

Who?               Enej + Strachy Na Lachy + Lao Che + others

When?             Start time: 18:00

Where?            ul. Agrykola 1, Warszawa

How much?     Free




26th May (Saturday)

What?             Electronic, Avant-garde

Who?               kIRk (Poland) + Poly Chain (Ukraine)+ BAS.kolektyw (Poland)

When?             Start time: 22:00

Where?            DZiK

How much?     20 PLN


What?              Short and Loud Fest Warsaw, cool idea from Netherlands and Berlin, on the stage will appear 10 bands, which will       play 10 minutes set each.

Who?               OPELORD & THE LOWEST (hardcore / metal / hardcore) & SNAKES PARADE (hardcore / stoner / punk) & HARD TO BREATHE (hardcore / punk)  GOVERNMENT FLU (hardcore / punk) & POISON HEART (punk’n’roll) and more

When?             Start time: 19:00

Where?            ul. Burakowska 12, Warszawa

How much?     No info yet



27th May (Sunday)


What?             Classical Music Concert at the open air

When?             Start time: 12:00 and 16:00

Where?            Near the Chopin Monument, Royal Łazienki Park, Warsaw

How much?    Free



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