Guest blogging 13 aug 2015

Photo report – summer adventures in U.S.


Unfortunately, I cannot write anything about Warsaw and events there right now, but can show you something else.

Students of Kozminski are everywhere: some of us are working right now, some relaxing at home or near the sea. Wish to see pictures of all your interesting adventures and want to share mine. Unexpectedly, I decided to travel across U.S. and for now it is the craziest decision in my life (thanks to work and travel program). I know that for sure, somebody has such a kind of experience, but I personally get a cultural shock: huge contrast from Europe.

I just want to show you pictures that I was making during two months here (Boston and New York City). Hope to show you something more in August and September.

New York City

Something from mb. phone

and from camera :)

 View from Brooklyn

Times Square

From Empire State

Somewhere on Wall Street

Somewhere *_*

city that trully doesn’t sleep

Boston and Cambridge

something from mb. phone

and camera ^_^

IMG_6697 IMG_6718

3 Responses to “Photo report – summer adventures in U.S.”

  1. The photos are amazing! I wsih I could visit those places *.*

  2. Thank you!) You will one day ^_^ I think, actually, that Europe is the best place to live.

  3. @Anna Lovely photos! :) Great choice for a photo report :)

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