Pubs/Restaurants 10 mar 2015

First visit. There will be a second


A free eating experience in the restaurant–Restauracja Z GARA I PIECA–deserves the fabulous prestige of the most dreamlike restaurant that you must visit in Warsaw.

We were invited by the restaurant to be a ‘eating-model’ to promote their restaurant months ago.  Immediately I was surprised by its decoration when I entered the restaurant. Everywhere is covered by adorable and cozy stickers which makes you feel like that you are immersing yourself into the midst of fairy tale. And it is not a big crowd in the early morning.  The shop manager warmly serves us to the table recommending their delicious delicacies. We were positively obsessed with the food and surprisingly affordable price.



After much calculation, we conformably suggest following dishes:

1. Rose tea with jam

This tea has a lightly floral taste with a slightly tangy flavor. A very elegant tea to serve for your cosie afternoon.

2. Baked goose

The goose was fresh and tender and the gravy with sweet fruit stuffing tasted rather delicious.

3. Dumplings with pickle

The conventional Polish dumplings with pickle with sour taste must be vegetarians’ first prioprity.


2 Responses to “First visit. There will be a second”

  1. Well written Angie, the food was delicious and the ambiance was pretty and welcoming :)

  2. Looking forward to some dumplings with pickle Angie ;) We should go together :)

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