Warsaw 25 nov 2014

The five challenging and bloodcurdling Chinese foods


The definition of delicacy is quite wide and blurry. Are they absorbing because of the appearance or the taste? Chinese cuisine emphasis is on color , flavor and taste. However what I am gonna to show you today is not the delicious Chinese food, rather the extremely terrible food that might out of your imagination.


No.5Duck head

Why? I don’t why ! Almost 20 of my foreign friends looked in awful when I asked them about taste of duck head. To be frank, it is the most popular snacks in China. You can buy them at specialty store, restaurant, roadside-stalls or made by yourself. It i quite easy to be prepared. You have to prepare some pepper, aniseed, cassia ,a can of beer, ginger etc, then put them together with the duck heads and water into a saucepan, and boil it.



No.4: “Eggs with legs”

There is life in the egg! Filipinos call it the “balut”. It is said that they are very nutritional and tasty. A lot of Asians like to eat them with salt and pepper.


No.3 : Fried cicada Fell like vomiting? But they are treasures for some of Chinese people.


No.2: Cow’s genitals Don’t laugh! Dietitians already point out that it is  good for man’s health. u=2930155315,4139233877&fm=23&gp=0


No.1: Fried bamboo worms



Can’t stop vomiting ?! OK ! Actually not everyone in China dare to eat them. I never tried them before except the first one. Please don’t lose faith about Chinese food, we also have many of awesome food which are welcomed by distinct nationalities from all of the world. Have you survived ?

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