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Brace yourself – cycling time is coming


The spring has  come and what does it mean? It means that we finally will enjoy some good warm weather which is perfect for outdoor activities.

So why not to spend this pleasant time cycling?

As far as it is interesting this is also good for everyone’s health, taking into account that most of us want to be in a good shape before the summer.
Warsaw city provides well-developed cycling infrastructure. Nowadays, there are around 412 km of cycling lanes exist all over Warsaw, while about 53 km of them was built in 2014.

The Warsaw authorities approved an infrastructure development plans that predict the development of existing lanes and construction of more cycling paths within the current year.
New roads will appear in the different places all over the city, including new paths on the renovated Wisla riverside.
The Kozminski students will also be able to reach the University by bike – the lanes will be constructed along Jagiellonska Street in the near future.

Sounds cool, but what if you do not have your own bike? There is a solution – Veturilo bikes. This is the city rental bike service. You can hire a bicycle at more than 100 locations in Warsaw and for the first 20 minutes you ride for free. Before you just need to go through an easy registration process and pay a registration fee of 10 PLN.

The convenience of Veturilo is that you don’t need to return a bike back to the same location where you took it. You can just leave it at every point where the Veturilo bikes are located.
For additional information you can follow the link –
So, prepare you bikes and be active and attractive!



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  1. Thanks for these explanations! Can’t wait for the spring to get on a bike :)

  2. I love this option of travel in Warsaw! I’m so glad it’s here and in many other cities around Europe. Thanks for the info!

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