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Artem Kovtun
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Guest blogging 07 Jan 2016

Trip to Washington DC)

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I decided to write a series of blogs about my trip around US.

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Guest blogging 10 Nov 2015

Student’s profile – Artem Kovtun

Hey everybody. Although I should have written this post couple month ago, I am doing it only now :) My name is Artem Kovtun, I am Ukrainian student, living and studying in Warsaw, Poland. I lived in Ukraine for 23 years and once I left it for Poland, my life changed to significantly. Really never […]

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Guest blogging 22 Oct 2015

Back to movies from childhood or New York, New York

Visiting the USA and not going to New York city is like drinking milk at a graduation party – possible , but you are missing out! So today, I’d like to share some experience and feelings I got being in one of the most desirable places on planet. First of all I want to be clear – […]

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Guest blogging 05 Oct 2015

Chicago with guacamole on the side

Eventually everything comes to an end.

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Careers 27 Apr 2015

Google Day in Wrocław

Everyone knows Google as one of the best employers one can ever dream about.

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How to's 03 Apr 2015

Applying for Erasmus

Everyone knows at least something regarding Erasmus and the affiliated staff. I would like to give some insights on this issue, providing our readers with some implicit advantages of this exchange program. Erasmus is an exchange program, financed by the European Union, Erasmus enables participants to move to another country for a period of up to 6 months, […]

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Guest blogging 10 Jan 2015

If I was Venice

Christmas holidays is the period for traveling and discovering new places (even familiar ones)

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Warsaw 01 Dec 2014

First month in Warsaw

So you are in Warsaw: you found an apartment, already considered what to eat, where to buy food, where KU is located, probably met some classmates. But what’s next?

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