Careers 09 apr 2015



Once again our KU career center did an amazing job and organized a special event:                  Accenture WEEK :) But who are they and what was this week about?



Well, Accenture is one of the world’s leading organizations providing management consulting, technology and outsourcing services. The company is extremely fast growing and offers many interesting job possibilities.

Check out Accenture Poland on Facebook or their homepage: and

Job offers:


The week started out on Monday with open hours with Accenture Operations, which simply allowed to get to know the company, in order to get a first impression. Accenture Operations consists of Accounting, Customer Service and Procurement, Marketing and Project Management and Outsourcing of IT services.

Already Tuesday and Wednesday the first workshops were offered:

Tuesday: “An Introduction to Design Thinking“ – provided by Mikołaj Winiarski, F&A Operations Accenture Services Poland Service Delivery Lead. Wednesday, there was the possibility to participate in “Stay a little bit longer and participate in take your next step with Accenture Operations in Poland“ – provided by Aleksandra Romanowska, Recruiter Accenture Operations.

On Thursday, there was the amazing change to “Take part in the company visit and Breakfast with Leaders at Accenture Operations Warsaw Office“, which made it possible to meet with top Accenture leaders:                                                                                                                                            Edyta Gałaszewska – Service Delivery Operations Lead for Poland and                                           Bartosz Szczęsny – HR Lead


This amazing event is described in an extra blog entry :)

The end of this great week was the competition:                                                                                      “How much do you know about Accenture?”

1st prize is going to Abu Zafar FazlearabbyTime Management Training                           at Accenture Operations. Four – hours’ session with our best internal trainers.

2nd prize for Vlada MasevichCareer Coaching session.                                                           One hour’s session with Accenture Operations Recruitment Lead

So, a great THANK YOU to our career center for giving us such a great opportunity to connect and network with the leaders of a  global company!!!  A great ending week before the Easter break :-)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!!!

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