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Accenture Breakfast


As promised, the ACCENTURE BREAKFAST post follows ;)

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Breakfast with Accenture :)


As part of Accenture week, there was one very special event:
Breakfast with THE Accenture Leaders:

Edyta Gałaszewska – Service Delivery Operations Lead for Poland and 11 years at Accenture;

Bartosz Szczęsny – HR Lead.


You wanna know the agenda for that day? There it is briefly described:

Before the actual breakfast, there was the registration around 9am and the official welcoming. The people that welcomed us were incredibly nice and helpful in all matters. Of course, we had to fill out some paper work but that’s normal ;) Each one os us got a name tag, which were already prepared.


Coming into the breakfast room, we were flashed by the amazing design. Its industrial and rustical but at the same time warm and friendly space made an impression on us. (I know that it is paradox but that’s how it appeared to me.;) Make your own opinion through the pics!) In general, that room is the nice kitchen/lunch place for the employees, where they can have their coffee etc.

The leaders showed up around 9:30 and were super friendly and easy-going. For the next 1,5 hours we talked, laughed and networked. The leaders stood up to all upcoming questions and answered these in an amazing manner :) And of course we enjoyed the great breakfast. The table was full of different kinds of sandwiches, fruits such as strawberries, bananas as well as grapes and of course coffee, tea, water and fresh juice. One could feel that they did all that regardless of expense :)

After the breakfast, the floor leaders of the F&A  and Marketing operations divisions presented some basic information about the way they work. After that they separately walked us through the working space and directly explained to us how their department and divisions work. We got aquatinted with some basic schemes, which were suuuuper interesting. And in the end, we had the possibility to network a lil bit more.


Throughout the whole process the HR-team and the Event-team led and accompanied this event in a great way. It was perfect!

We are very thankful for the invitation and thank Accenture and our Career Center for such an amazing opportunity.


P.s. A few days after this visit, students were directly contacted with great job offers.

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